All that Sparkles with Ansley Schrimsher

When you think of that friend that lights up the room with just their laugh, that’s when I think of my pal Ansley. Founder and Owner of Dora Mae Jewelry. We weren’t ashamed to do some morning drinking, a Bootsy Collins to be exact - Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Lillet Rogue, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup. SUH Simple. We chat the ups and downs and sideways of life.

As a fellow female Business Owner, it’s always a delight to share in the Joy and Struggles that that entails. Cannot wait for you to listen in to almost an hour of non-stop laughter!


11.0_Episode 11: Healthy & Hard Growth w Kaleb Harrell

When you think of places where people ACTUALLY like their jobs / bosses, not a whole lot of places/people come to mind. When I think of Hawkers Asian Street Fare, now an Orlando institution, I think that’s one of those places. I was honored to sit down and chat w one of Hawkers Asian Street Fare’s Founding Partners and now CEO, Kaleb Harrell about the twists and turns it took to grow Hawkers into a healthy and GROWING business. Plus sipping on Plymouth Sloe Gin and Limoncello didn’t hurt either. Hope you ENJOY!


10.0_Episode 10: Keeping Love Alive with Kristen Manieri

Most Bloggers have come to prominence in the past couple of years and usually last a couple of years. What I love about this week’s Cocktails and Conversation Guest, Kristen Manieri, is her dedication to pumping out quality content over the past 14 YEARS! That’s pretty impressive, as is her story of how she started Orlando Date Night Guide. If you are in a relationship, this site is a no brainer. Basically you will NEVER run out of Date Night ideas. So join us at as we sip on some delish Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktails for the eternal Summer we have in Florida.


9.0_Episode 9: ALL the Things with Katie Johnston

Well when you sit down for a drink with one of your dearest friends, it never feels like work. Getting to chat with Katie Johnston, the Director of Pulptown, was a real pleasure. Even I learned some things I never knew! We share childhood stories, Tito’s Vodka Cocktails and why Orlando is FULL of amazing things to explore! You won’t regret your time listening in!


8.0_Episode 8: Leading the Way for Women with Laura Youngkin

What’s better than sharing a VERY delightful summer cocktail with an old Friends? Not much really. I’m so excited for you to listen in to my conversation with Laura Youngkin, who Co-Created “Women Lead Orlando” with me. She currently lives in LA and is starting a big new FUN job, but it’s always fabulous to have her in town. We shared the perfect summer drink: a Tito’s Handmade Vodka Watermelon & Mint Moscow Mule. Listen in for all the Stories and how to make this drink!


7.0_Episode 7: Creative Curation with Cole NeSmith

Cole NeSmith has been a long time Champion of Orlando. He has also been a long time friend of mine. Cole had a vision to Celebrate the incredible things he saw his friends making and the Arts scene in our city. Thus the Creative City Project was born! If you haven’t attended yet, THIS IS YOUR YEAR! I made a simple and delish Campari / Tito’s Handmade Vodka Summer Cocktail to sip on as we chat! I know you are going to enjoy Cole’s story….


6.0_Episode 6: Keeping it Fresh with Brittany Lyne of Farm & Haus

Sitting down with Brittany Lyne of Farm & Haus was such a Delight! We got to talk about how our businesses were coming up at the same time! Brittany is an amazing Entrepreneur, Marketing Guru and Boss Mom! We got to chat how (real talk) she keeps it all together. Plus we did some early day drinks with some REALLY delish cocktails. You can learn how to make this Summery Lillet & St. Germain drink on the Podcast!


5.0_Episode 5: Making It To and In Orlando with Faiyaz Kara

Well I was so excited to sit down with the Orlando Weekly Restaurant Critic Faiyaz Kara about all things Drinks / Eats and how he made his way to Orlando from Canada. I can honestly say it’s amazing what people have lived through and all the restrictions to freedom still active in the world. This conversation made me count my Blessings for sure.

We were getting a head start with this easy and delish Summer Cocktail with a Tito’s Handmade Vodka Strawberry Mint Moscow Mule! Recipe is at the beginning of the Podcast. Hope you ENJOY!


4.0_Episode 4: Make it Matter with Ben Hoyer

It’s always a good time when I get to sit down with my friend Ben Hoyer, Founder of Downtown Credo and a little other side projects in Orlando. Ben has a way of helping to push Community forward in meaningful ways and helping to remind us to live with purpose and impact. It was a delight to share this Jack Daniel’s Whiskey South with an old pal!


3.0_Episode 3: Be a Boss on Every Level with Jenny Joy

What a pleasure to chat with such an inspiring business woman, with SUCH a caring heart and brave soul. I crafted a Tito’s Handmade Vodka drink called “Pretty in Pink” Cocktail that was an easy favorite of mine. It was more than a pleasure to chat all the Topics: Cocktails (or lack there of,) Story - she’s got a Powerful one, Enneagram - such a game changer for us, and REST - she has such wisdom to share! Can’t wait to have you listen in!


1.0_Episode 1: Is there anyone I haven't pissed off yet?

1.0_Episode 1: Is there anyone I haven't pissed off yet?

Hello and Welcome to the Cocktails and Conversation Podcast! I’m Dana Marie Roquemore  the Founder of The Dinner Party Project and co-Founder of The Welcome House. I’ll be inviting intriguing Guests over to my home to chat about some of my favorite things: Cocktails, Story, the Enneagram and REST.