Frequently Asked Questions


What is TDPP?

The Dinner Party Project is an invitation-only weekly (Sunday through Thursday) Dinner Party Event created to celebrate community and to connect Orlandoans over great food, tasty drinks, amazing company & interesting conversations. Seven guests are chosen at random to join one of our incredible Guest Hosts around the dinner table in a gorgeous setting with gourmet eats & drinks prepared by local chefs and artisans.


The TDPP experience offers a Cocktail, 4 Courses, Wine & Credo Coffee to each guest.  Tickets to a lottery Dinner Party retail at $80 per seat. We also have a Standby Seat for $60, which would mean we would let you know last minute if there is an available seat! 

We REALLY don't want $$ to be the reason that you don't join us around the table. If this is the case, please email directly, and let's see if we can trade services!

What if I can't afford a Dinner Party? 

If you personally can't afford it, please email; there are sometimes opportunities to trade services.
Tell your friends you want to come! If you would like to be generous towards your friends, you are welcome to pay for their Dinner and get them a seat at our next Dinner! Just get a Gift Certificate for them.

Where are the Dinners located?

Dinners are located in various places around Orlando, FL.  From homes, to event venues, to art galleries... The more unique places the better!  If you would like to Host in your home or location, please email

How can I be a Guest Host / Guest Chef/ or Venue Host?

Contact Us with your questions, and we can set up a meeting to chat about it!

But what shall I wear!?

Don't sweat it. It's somewhere between casual and cocktail attire.  So nice jeans / pants and a button up or blazer is fine for the Gentlemen.  And a lovely dress or nice jeans with heels and a lovely top works for the Ladies. Most importantly, wear something you feel comfortable in! Get ideas from our Instagram and our Blog

Can I bring a Guest?

We encourage our Guests to come as individuals, as the Experience is all about meeting new people.  If you want to come as a couple we won't say no to that.  It does make for a fun Date Night. Please have each guest Sign Up and register separately. It is important that we have an individual profile with dietary information for each attendee.

What time do the Dinners start?

Most all of our Dinners start at 6:30pm.  We will let you know if there is a different start time.

What if I can't come to the Dinner I am confirmed for?  

If you know that you can't make it to the Dinner, you can give your seat to a friend. Think of it like a Concert ticket, the ticket is not refundable, but you can give it away or sell it to someone else. If you do so, please do let us know if someone else is coming in your place so we can check their contact info & dietary restrictions.

How can I come to another Dinner?

Good News! You are always welcome! Contact us to know the upcoming date or Book Your Dinner directly like you did the first time! You can always email contact us to be added to the Standby List for possible open seats.  And you can keep tabs on our Instagram for Open Seating that happens once a month too! 

I had SUCH a fun time. How can I leave a Tip for the Guest Chef and Guest Host?

Easy!  You can leave some LOVE here.

Can I give the TDPP Experience as a Gift?

Absolutely! You can buy a Gift Certificate here.

I'd like to Sponsor an Event, how do I go about doing that?

Contact us or email to receive more details!

I'd like to have a Private Dinner Party, how do I got about doing that?

Click here for more information about private dinner parties and we'll be in touch to create YOUR event!